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Last Updated January 4, 2022



Jacquelyn Ferguson (she/her) is the Editor-In-Chief of Savant-Garde. She is the Managing Content Editor for Bakup Media Ltd and a freelance editor, helping authors with their manuscripts. Jacquelyn was the Social Media Manager of Minola Review and a Research Assistant for Creative Humanities in affiliation with FRINGE's T.E.N.T. program where she authored an Entrepreneur Blog Series. She graduated Sheridan's Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing in May 2021 and has a B.A. Media Information and Technoculture from the University of Western Ontario. Jacquelyn's never seen without a tea mug in her hand, except when she is playing soccer.

Jacquelyn Ferguson

Publisher & Creative Director:


Amélie Robitaille (she/her), also known as Mel, is Publisher, Creative Director, and founding editor of Savant-Garde. She is a communications professional, writer, and freelancer. She holds a B.A. in Media Information and Technoculture from Western University and an Honours Bachelor in Creative Writing & Publishing from Sheridan College. Her work has been published by CP Quarterly, Dwelling Literary, Crow & Cross Keys and Parentheses Journal. Amelie likes to think of ADHD as her superpower. Although she is now based in Mississauga, Ontario, Amelie is originally from Abitibi, in northwestern Québec. French is her first language and she loves cooking, great puns, and cooking up a great pun.

She is on Twitter @Mel_Robitaille.

Amélie Robitaille (Mel)

Poetry Editor:


Mikaela Lucido (she/her) is the poetry editor for Savant-Garde. She was born in Manila, Philippines. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing & Publishing at Sheridan College. Three of her works were published in the inaugural issue of Savant-Garde Literary Magazine (right here!!). Her work has also been featured in Augur Magazine, Living Hyphen, post ghost press, and Overachiever Magazine. She is also the in-house writer for Cambio Collection ( Find her on Twitter (@LucidoMikaela) where she is often live-tweeting about BTS, superheroes, or mental health. 

Mikaela Lucido

Fiction Editor:


Taylor Zantingh (she/her) is a writer and editor living in Victoria, British Columbia. She’s worked on literary journals such as Savant-Garde Literary Magazine and The Ampersand Review of Writing and Publishing. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Minola Review and Arc Poetry Magazine.

Taylor Zantingh



Faizal Eidoo (he/him) is a reader for Savant-Garde. He is an artist and writer who draws inspiration from the surreal to apply to his own craft. While working to enter the world of animation, Faizal rediscovered his love and passion for writing – he has since graduated from the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing and Publishing program at Sheridan College. He specializes in writing poetry and prose that honour his love for Fantasy and Sci-f, as well as writing about heavier themes in conjunction with his South Asian heritage.


He is currently based in Brampton, Ontario.

Faizal Eidoo



Grace Regan (she/her) is a writer, reader, and editor based in Toronto. She graduated from Sheridan College with an Honours Bachelor in Creative Writing & Publishing and her work has been published in various places, including Savant-Garde. Grace is the Head of Design at Whispering Wick Chapbook Press, a reader for The Puritan, and works as a copywriter and publishing assistant at two indie publishing companies. She's a fan of fuzzy sweaters, game nights, and obsessively updating her Goodreads account.

Find her on Twitter @eg_regan.

Grace Regan

Illustrator (Issue 4, 5, 6):


Michael Yull (he/him) illustrated the covers for Issue 4 of Savant-Garde, and will be joining us once again to illustrate the Issue 5 covers (release date TBD). He is an artist and versatile developer. 

He is on Twitter @meglofriend.


Michael Yull


Former Staff & Team

We would like to thank and recognize all those who helped to create this magazine and who have worked on previous issues of Savant-Garde. The link to staff of former issues can be found below:


Issue 1


     A special and warm thank you to our inaugural issue team: editorial board members Jacquelyn Ferguson, Miranda Winters-Sayle, Amelie Robitaille, Taylor Zantingh, Sienna Bostwick, Sara Ibrahim, Faizal Eidoo, and Emily M. Clarke; editors Robyn Miller, Spencer Boaz, Rebecca Grutszka, Jo Cadaba, Tariq Singh, Alexandra Kolomvos, and Jasmine Peteran; content writers Mikaela Lucido, Kevin J. Macdonald​, Terra Mcleod, Ash Wallace, and Megan Parson; creative team Amelie Robitaille, Siobhán Aislinn, Mikaela Lucido, and Faizal Eidoo. We also want to thank fellow students from Sheridan College's Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing for their support, and last but not least, thank you to former faculty advisor Paul Vermeersch for his wonderful guidance.  

Issue 2

Issue 3


     Thank you to Martha Craig, who illustrated the covers of Issues 2 & 3 of Savant-Garde, and who left the team to dedicate more time to her career as a tattoo artist. Good luck Martha, and thank you for your time at Savant-Garde!

Issue 4

Issue 5

     Thank you to Miranda Winters-Sayle, who is a founder of Savant-Garde, who has stepped down from her role as Managing Editor (which she held for Issues 2-5). She will continue on as a reader for the magazine. And thank you to Mikaela Lucido and Taylor Zantingh, who after their tenure as readers, have stepped up to accept the roles of editors! Beginning Issue 6, Mikaela Lucido will be the Poetry Editor (and unofficial DJ), and Taylor Zantingh will be the Fiction Editor.

Issue 6

     Thank you to Miranda Winters-Sayle, a founder of Savant-Garde, who is stepping away from the magazine after acting as a reader for Issue 6. We welcome Grace Regan, who will join the team as a reader starting Issue 7.


Our Humble Beginnings: Former Site

Before we became the Savant-Garde Literary Magazine, we existed as a student-run blog. We would like to acknowledge Kevin J. MacDonald & Miranda Winters-Sayle who came up with the original idea of Savant-Garde as a way for students in the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing program at Sheridan College to gain hands-on experience within the industry.


If you would like to see our humble beginnings, please visit:


Savant-Garde is a labour of love. We believe in recognizing artists for their work and pay all our contributors upon publication. At this moment, all costs associated with running the magazine are paid for by our team. 
If you would like to support us, please consider donating.
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