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Started by Sheridan College students of the Creative Writing & Publishing program, Savant-Garde was formed with the goal of giving opportunity and inspiration to those who want to break into the publishing industry and to learn from those who have paved the way before us. 

As an online literary magazine, we aspire to to celebrate diverse, innovative, and original creative stories.

Whether poetry or fiction, we are particularly interested in reading and publishing work that will transport us, that will have us still thinking about it hours or days after reading it. If you want to submit, we encourage you to read previous issues to see if your work may be a good fit for our journal as our focus can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint in terms of genre, and we tend to curate our issues so all pieces work together. 

Our editors are fascinated by the awe-inspiring, almost mystical elements of the world––those that help elicit wonder, or fear even. We want to read about different ways to experience or live our lives, strong emotions in difficult realities, escaping to a better place, tender moments, the good, the bad, and everything in between, whether real or imagined. In short, we love beautiful, gut-wrenching, purposeful writing that encourages us to feel connected to others. We are open to a wide range of genres (literary, experimental, fantasy, horror with a purpose) including genre-blending.

Savant-Garde encourages individuals regardless of ability, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity to share their stories. As a Canada-based journal, we strive to feature work of Canada-based authors or work that itself has a tie to this country in every issue, especially alongside work and creators that comes from all over the world. 

Enjoy your read!

– The Savant-Garde Team

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