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you cannot rest when there are enemies nearby
by Liam Burke

Cover Image by Michael Yull 

you cannot rest when there are enemies nearby
by Liam Burke

Published September 3, 2021

low on health   dim light

out of spells   times like these

im always chased by skeletons 

their bones wet with mana

blue flames in their hollows

each a dead friend

            too slow to save

now        cursed to follow me       tireless

perhaps when i die i shall be tire-

less       for now i brew more potions

wave away the teeth at my ankles my neck

clear what debris i can

stoke a sleepy fire

the good wolf hasnt been hungry

there are spaces i just cant reclaim

muscles grown fibrous         songs that still hurt

we reknit but never fully heal

i lift my broken cup

drink and sit in the 

sun i drink the sun and sit i 

drink in the sitting sun the sun 

sits and drinks me i sit in the drinking
sun the sun drinks and sits and sets


Liam Burke

Liam Burke (he/him/himbo) lives in Ottawa, Canada, on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe land. He is the co-author of 'machine dreams' with natalie hanna (collusion books, 2021) and ‘Orbital Cultivation’ with Manahil Bandukwala (collusion books, forthcoming). His work has appeared in long con magazine, the Malahat Review, and battleaxe press. He has been the Assistant Director of the Sawdust Reading Series, co-host of Literary Landscapes on CKCU, and performs in the band Moratorium. He studies online radicalization at Carleton University where he is pursuing a master's degree in philosophy.

He is on Twitter, @liamjmburke. 

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