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Wolf in My Bed
by Sage Ravenwood

Cover Image by Michael Yull 

Wolf in My Bed
by Sage Ravenwood

Published September 3, 2021

They say you bore three sons

           Hate    Treachery    Sorrow

                  Hati          Skoll        Bjorn Black

As if you fathered human deceit

We place blame    our fallacy on beast

You     giant wolf tethered    gagged by sword

An oversized pup by all accounts

          Destined to devour worlds

I’m you’re godless daughter

          living in the bowels of sons unmade

You    bringer of darkness laying in my bed

Mangy warmth smelling of dank earth    burial

Tuck me inside your sternum    My hand thrust 

          between your ribs    Lungs rising 

                falling to touch    inhale   exhale torment

I’ll dance a gig on your tongue   nick a vein 

Bite down Fenrir    Does revenge taste so sweet

          we would live out of spite

I am your mad dog    silken ribbon deceived

Entangle me in the sound of a cats step

     Woman’s beard

         Roots of a mountain

             Bear’s sinew 

Fish breath and bird spittle

They magicked the earth to lay claim 

I too wish for darkness

Lay your paw upon my brow

          Claws trailing down    jugular piercing

Five delicate fingers stretching up 

          to touch the blind nails of safe

Sing a guttural lullaby    child abandoned

Breath deep   dark of sleep   wolf in my head

Our sorrows float rivers through men


Sage Ravenwood

Sage Ravenwood is a deaf Cherokee woman residing in upstate NY with her two rescue dogs, Bjarki and Yazhi, and her one-eyed cat Max. She is an outspoken advocate against animal cruelty and domestic violence. Her work can be found in Glass Poetry - Poets Resist, The Temz Review, Contrary, trampset, Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, Pioneertown Literary, Grain, The Rumpus, Lit Quarterly, PØST, Massachusetts Review, and more.

She is on Twitter, @SageRavenwood. 

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