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Thirsty by Koji A. Dae

I arrive shriveled,

parched beyond thirst

a rock sinking in spirit.


Hellos split me with sharp teeth.

The first cracks of internal terror

pound and sear.


Pointed tongues twist to my depths

to bring forth a spring

bubbling beneath the pressure

of my petrification.


Rhythm hooks to my heart

driving it to swell

until life pumps

wet with desire.


The awoken animal snaps,

hungry for touch.

Thirsty for connection.



the petulant stomping of a foot


the aching rise and swivel of a hip

More -

the pulsing of my chest.


A flame to dry tinder

consumes itself

before a fire ignites.

Koji-Author Photo.jpg

Koji A. Dae

Koji is a queer American living in Bulgaria with she/her pronouns and anxious depression. She has poetry published in Lucent Dreaming and ParABnormal Magazine. Her first chapbook, "Scars That Never Bled: An Exploration of Frankenstein through Poetry" is due out in August. Check out her website for more details.

You can find her on Twitter at @kojiadae.

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