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Extended mourning of orcas.png

The Extended Mourning of Orca-J35 by MA|DE

The Extended Mourning of Orca-J35 by MA|DE

Published September 16, 2022

like wailing in 

     whalesong   or waning 

on a blue morning

     the sea carries 

           sorrow for miles

     do the fish hear 

it like we do


mothered   for 

seventeen months 

before birth

Orcinus     unnamed 

                 of the realms 

of the dead



only for a 

brief moment


behaviour set 

adrift     through 

perinatal space 

the first phase 

of grief lasts    for 

seventeen days


pushing this shape

    the space between 

the droplets     a

body    of water

carried a thousand



as a new womb



    until it is   pushed 

          past the destiny

    of darkest



she waits   two years   

for a third chance

at loss



MA|DE (est. 2018) is a collaborative writing entity, a unity of two voices fused into a single, poetic third; it is the name given to the joint authorship of Mark Laliberte and Jade Wallace, artists whose active solo practices differ quite radically from one another. MA|DE’s writing has appeared in various literary journals and three chapbooks. Their third chapbook, A Trip to the ZZOO (Collusion Books, 2020), shortlisted for the bpNichol Chapbook Award, was the seed for their recently completed debut collection, ZZOO. []

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