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Music and
by Jacob Langdon

Cover Image by Michael Yull 

Music and
by Jacob Langdon

Published September 3, 2021

Is it foolish to gather friends


                                                to drink coffee in a hollow café?


                                                           If there is shrapnel in the filters,


                                                                                                                         we will pick it out. If


                                                                         there are no pastries 


                                   or places to sit,


            we will read poetry.

                                                            If there is no sky,

                                                            we will read poetry,


                        making a caesura of the silence


                                                                                   between bombardments.


There is delight to be found


                         in Boschian places


                                    where the birds are mouths and the bugs are teeth


                                                                                   and the Tree-Man


                                    with his cavernous torso


           is a bus rarely on time


his eyes suckled by the hummingbird in his hat


                                    The men who oink of cynicism

                                    see only dead flowers in a garden


     Do not fall out of love 


                       with a world that falls apart

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Jacob Langdon

Jacob Langdon (he/him) is one of the first graduates of Sheridan College's Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing program. An emergent writer of speculative fiction and poetry long entranced by the immersive worlds and daring action of science fiction and fantasy, video games and martial arts movies, he grew up inspired by atmospheric worlds, feats of bombastic action and the audacious heroes that achieve them. These heroes, the worlds they inhabit and the hope they inspire are the things his writing strives to embody. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

He is on Twitter, @Jacob_Langdon. 

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