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Good morning, the sun in October

by Sanna Wani

Cover Image by Michael Yull 

Good morning, the sun in October

by Sanna Wani

Published April 9, 2021

makes the leaves look like they have been spun out of gold

and there are several kinds of hickory trees growing outside

my window. The bitternut is my favourite because from

far away the leaves look like moss but close up they look

like scales. When autumn light bleeds new colours

into things, or out of them, a garden snake will take a nap

on the warm wood of a branch and wake up as a frond

and ask, “When did I turn to gold?”


But remember. Sunbathing is important, especially this time of year,

and you can never lose a body or turn into anything you weren’t already.


Sanna Wani

Sanna Wani lives between Mississauga and Srinagar. She loves daisies.

She is on Twitter: @sannareya

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